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  • Do you want to make your own soap with only natural and organic ingredients?
  • Want to customize your own soap? Learn about variations and replace the herb and ingredients with your favorite options.

I am here to help you!

Hello ! Welcome to Sir Soapy

Provide your skin the luxury it deserves! In today’s day and age we try to live healthier by eating organic food, using no-animal-cruelty makeup, and buying fair trade & ethical clothing, so why not grant the same care for your skin?

My Site Specialty - 

  • I use only natural ingredients (Except Lye).
  • If you are a beginner, you have come to the right place!
Soap making

My recipes are intended for everyone - younger and older skin, and especially for those who appreciate high quality products.

Natural soap is not only a luxury that anyone can attain, but it is also a great help to those with sensitive and problematic skin (eczema, skin allergies, pimples and acne, and even psoriasis). It also makes a great gift!

The recipes are completely organic - they don’t contain any chemicals or dangerous additives, and for sensitive skin - they don’t even incorporate any perfumes.

All soaps are uniquely designed to accommodate your very own skin, from sensitive and skin prone to dryness, to combination, oily and normal skin type. Recipes are developed to produce the best care your skin deserves. Our skin-nourishing soaps offer not only healthy, but also stress-free lasting effects!

To reconnect with your own flora, we only use natural ingredients.  All the elements are completely organic, grown on local farms – so no GMO’s, or pesticides, nothing artificial.

What you will find here:

  • Easy step by step guide to safe, affordable, quality handmade soap making 
  • Complicated recipe in simple and understandable way
  • Accurate and real recipes, not just idealistic 
  • No-nonsense approach, not boring or complicated for readers
  • Organic ingredients – all of the elements come from nature, no GMO’s or pesticides
  • Non-expensive luxury – some of the items needed can be found in your kitchen, your garden, or your local forest!
  • Easy to make – just follow our step by step recipes for soap and you won’t be able to get it wrong!
  • Very creative craft and great fun for you and/or with your children
  • It is not as time consuming as you may think!
  • It is designed especially for YOUR skin type!
  • My  soap recipes are kind to your skin and environment, and they can often fall under the category of ‘Zero Waste’ – it is quite possible that you have all the ingredients for a bar of natural soap just lying around in your kitchen and bathroom. Instead of throwing those things away, use them to make a healthy natural homemade soap, and protect the environment at the same time!

My Handmade Soap making Recipes for All Skin Types

A great benefit of homemade soaps is that they accommodate your very own skin type, and you get to know all of the ingredients in it.

The elements in our recipes for soaps are carefully selected to provide that soft, creamy and fresh feeling to everyone!

We provide recipes for all ages, skin types and conditions (from sensitive, dry, combination, normal, to oily skin)!

Some are especially great for pregnant women, and for women who just gave birth – our natural soap recipes for sensitive and dry skin help with stretch marks, scars, burns and even skin rashes.

More Handmade Soap Recipes........

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