Cream Soap Recipe: Fluffy Marshmallow Whipped Soap

Okay, so far I have shown you a variety of easy handmade soaps - basic melt-and-pour soap, shaving soap, liquid soap, we’ve even made bubble soap! 

Today we are going to make one of my personal favorites - a creamy whipped soap.

a creamy whipped soap

Have you ever wondered how clouds would feel like if you could touch them? Or what it would feel like to wash yourself with marshmallows?

This soap reminds me of those, so I call it my marshmallow soap! It's like a mixture between hard soap and liquid soap, and it's a great body moisturizer. 

First, let’s find out what we can use cream soap for.

Usage of Whipped Cream Soap

This soap is extremely gentle, and great for extra sensitive skin. 

  • It lathers faster than regular soap, it’s super creamy, and because it has a lot of air bubbles it feels almost ‘oxygenating’ on your skin.
  • One of the best uses for it is actually as a shaving cream! Why not just make your own batch? It’s easy and super cheap, and you can make as much as you want.
  • In the bath - it’s so fluffy and relaxing, I sometimes pour it into the bath and wait for a heavenly bubble bath, or just massage it into my skin. 

Today, we’re going to make a whipped cream soap so simple, that you’ll just want to crawl with it into your bathtub, tonight!

Ingredients for This Creamy Soap Recipe

  • 35 grams of Melt and Pour (approx. 2.5 T) – preferably the white one (I prefer the Goat's milk Melt and Pour but it can be the Glycerin base)
  • 10 grams of Almond Oil (approx. 2 tsp.) - As a substitute you can use Avocado oil or Chia Seed Oil – almond oil is great for cleaning pores and preventing acne with its A vitamin. 

I have a tiny hint for you  If you have any almond oil left, you can mix in some sugar and use it as a face or bikini area scrub – it’s great for sensitive skin!

  • 52 gram of Distilled (or demineralized) water (approx. 3.5 T)
  • 1 tsp of Epsom Salts
  • Marshmallow Fragrance Oil (you can use any other fragrance, but I prefer this one because the soap itself – the texture and color remind me of fluffy marshmallows)
  • Air tight jar
Air tight jar

Step By Step Directions for Cream Soap Recipe

  • Your 1st Step :– Slowly melt your melt-and-pour in a heat-proof bowl. You can do it in a microwave, or slowly over a bowl of boiling water.
Slowly melt your melt-and-pour
  • Your 2nd Step :–  Take your hand mixer and start whipping the melt and pour until it resembles actual whipped cream.
  • Your 3rd Step :– While you’re mixing the melt and pour, add in your tsp of Epsom Salts. 

It’s my tiny hint – melt and pour soap recipes tend to harden faster, and Epsom salt prevents that, it   and helps the soap stay fluffy.

add tsp of Epsom Salts.
  • Your 4th Step :– While you’re still mixing – add in your Almond Oil and lukewarm Distilled water.
add in your Almond Oil
  • Your 5th Step :–  At the very end, add some drops of Marshmallow fragrance oil, and whip some more.
add some drops of Marshmallow fragrance oil
  • Your 6th Step :– Spoon your mixture into an airtight jar. Why you ask? Because whipped cream soap goes bad pretty fast, especially it has contact with air. I recommend using within three weeks to avoid risk of bacterial growth. 
The final soap is ready

A tiny hint – Although this recipe is not difficult, you may be able to save even more time by using a melt-and-pour whipped soap base, and you simply melt it and add fragrances, but this base can be  hard to find in craft stores, and online. I found they don’t ship internationally. 

Either way you make it, I know you will enjoy your whipped, fluffy marshmallow soap!

Happy Soapy to You....

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