About Sir Soapy.com 

Hi, My name is Praddep Kumar (Sir Soapy)

I love to make soap at home and I love sharing what I've learned along the way! 

I like experimenting with new recipes and I enjoy to making soap with my friends and family.

about me

Why I started this website

My website started from an ideal. I was frustrated using commercial soap. I saw many soap advertisements making a lot of promises, but I was never happy with them. They are full of chemicals, and have ingredients which are bad for your skin health. 

So I decided to make my own handmade soap with only natural ingredients. 

As I researched, I found many soap making websites on the internet, but found they were often complicated, overwhelming and not complete, making them difficult to follow. 

So I decided to make a website so simple that anyone can follow from beginner to advanced. I offer new recipes, new ingredients, and many varieties. 

My website gives you -

  • Complicated recipes in simple and understandable steps
  • Easy and practical recipes without exotic ingredients
  • No nonsense approach, not boring and overwhelming for readers

I want to share with everyone my love of soap making!

What I want to share with you guys!

My recipes are all my own personal recipes and those of my friends. It our experience which I want to share with you.

My many friends and I have several years of soap making experience, and hey, I want to share what we've done wrong; yes, we have made many mistakes while soap making.

You don’t need any profession tools or machines to make handmade soap. My recipes are so simple and sophisticated that you'll be making soap like a master soap maker in no time! 

Hope you enjoy Soap Making   …….

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