Mediterranean Beer Soap Recipe

Hello there, today we’ll be making beer soap! Yeah, you heard me right – beer soap. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you smell like an alcoholic if you wash with it, beer soap has actually quite pleasant, non-alcoholy scent.

Now, ladies, I’m sure you’ve heard of washing your hair with beer. It makes the hair fluffier, shinier, basically girl, you need none of that expensive conditioner.

Just crack open a six-pack – pour one beer over your hair, or two if you’re goldilocks like me, and then just drink the rest.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say to you – go buy some beer!

Ingredients For Beer Soap recipe

  • 4 dcl or 0.4 L of Beer – Now, I’m going to use dark beer. You can use light beer, or even non-alcoholic, but I just feel like dark really gives that richness to the soap, and it has a lot of vitamin B which is excellent for the skin!
dark beer bottle
  • 170 grams of Lye – Since we’re using lye and not melt-and-pour base (trust me, I’d use it if I could, but you can’t make beer soap with melt-and-pour).

This beer soap recipe may not be suitable for complete beginners – if this is your first recipe, I suggest you first practice on some melt-and-pour ones recipes before you make this one

  • 14 dcl of Olive Oil – This oil is high in vitamins E and A, which has awesome anti-aging properties, plus it helps to keep the skin soft and moisturized! 

Now, you can substitute Olive Oil with Canola Oil, because they’re very similar, but canola oil tends to be a bit expensive, so unless you’re allergic to olive oil, or find it your arch nemesis, I’d advise you stick with olive oil

  • 0.5 dcl of Honey Absolute Essential Oil – You can also use Honey Ale Essential Oil if you find it, but it mostly comes as ‘fragrance oil’, or as a substitute you can use Cassia Essential Oil. 

For me, honey scent goes great with that light beer scent, so I just really enjoy these two together. Honey has anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin, it’s antibacterial, it decreases the appearance of scars and increases healing

Directions for Homemade Beer Soap Recipe 

  • Your 1st Step: – The 1st step of beer soap recipe is Crack open a beer. No, don’t drink it. I mean, you can drink it, but be sure to save 4 dcl for the recipe. Pour the beer into a bowl and heat it over medium heat. 

First you’ll notice all the bubbles will go away; just keep stirring. Now you’ll notice a layer of foam on your beer – that’s okay, that’s just some of the alcohol evaporating; keep stirring until the foam goes away. 

bowl with beer

I know that some soap makers say that it doesn’t matter if you boil the beer for the recipe because it will still contain a bit of alcohol, but I say – better safe than sorry.

  • Your 2nd Step: – Place your beer somewhere cold, at least for a few hours. It would be awesome if you could do this process at least a day before making the soap.
  • Your 3rd Step: – Take the chilled beer, and pour in the lye slowly. Remember to wear your protective gear since lye is a dangerous substitute, please, do wear some thick gloves. Stir until lye dissolves.

...since lye is a caustic substance, and please do wear some thick gloves. Stir until lye dissolves. 

Add some lye here
  • Your 4th Step: – Pour your olive oil into a bowl
here you add olive oil
  • Your 5th Step: – Slowly pour in your beer and lye mixture while stirring it together. Mix together until it gets a bit lighter color.
  • Your 6th Step: – Add your Honey Absolute Essential Oil, and whisk that in, as well.
here add Honey
  • Your 7th Step: – Pour the mixture into your mold – it can be any mold you’d like – I use an empty butter tray, and let it cure for at least a week.

There you go! Your perfect Mediterranean soap, mmm, just smell that beer and honey, isn’t it heavenly?

Here is your soap

Happy Soapy to You.....

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