Exfoliating Cinnamon Soap Recipe for Oily Skin

This Cinnamon Soap recipe reminds me of pumpkin spice latte. Mmm, remember that sweet scent of Fall? It just makes me want to curl up into a blanket and watch an entire season of Pretty Little Liars.

This recipe is not recommended for those with sensitive skin, as it can be irritating. It is however extremely simple to make and it does wonders for those with oily skin - it can even help with acne.

Oatmeal and ground coffee are also great exfoliators, but cinnamon has that magical scent, you know.

Cinnamon soap

Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and after you rub your skin with it you may feel a warm sensation. Because it helps with blood circulation and dries the skin, it’s great for oily, eczema or acne prone skin.

Before you try cinnamon on your skin, I suggest trying it on a small area of your skin to make sure you don’t have any reaction to it.    

It may not cause an allergic reaction, but since it is a rather ‘spicy’ ingredient it may cause redness or irritation if you have sensitive skin. Perhaps, use it on your body instead of your face at first.

Ingredients for This Cinnamon Soap Recipe

  • 8 oz of Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap (you can use any other kind melt-and-pour as well)
  • Half of a tsp of Ground Cinnamon (if you don’t like that scratchy feeling in your soap, you don’t have to use ground cinnamon, you can only use the essential oils. However, if you do that your soap will have no healing properties, and your skin will remain oily)
  • 5 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil ( instead of this you can also use Cinnamon Fragrance Oil, but it’s not as natural, or you can use Cinnamon Infused Oil – although this one mostly helps with the color, not with the smell itself. If you want the best cinnamony scent – I suggest Essential Oil)

Tiny hints: If you want a Pumpkin Spice Latte scent – you can use a little bit of ground coffee (no more than a tsp), or you can just buy Pumpkin Spice Latte Fragrance Oil. If you want something that smells like Nana’s fresh pie – use a little of Apple Essential Oil, or fragrance oil.

Now, a lot of people put oatmeal into their cinnamon soap, which you may do as well, but I find the roughness of the oatmeal combined with scratchiness of cinnamon a little too much. However, if you still want to use it in this recipe, I recommend 1 tbsp of Oatmeal.

These supplies will be enough for 1 bar of soap. If you want to make more, just multiply it, or preferably – use Online Soap Calculator.

Step By Step Directions for Cinnamon Soap Recipe

  • Your 1st Step :– Take your melt-and-pour glycerin soap and place it into a bowl. If you want it to heat up faster – try grating it, instead of cutting it in little pieces. Place the bowl in a microwave and keep heating it up every 30 seconds, until it melts halfway. 
  • Instead of a microwave you can use the stove. Just place the bowl with the soap into a pot with water, and gently heat it up while stirring.
heat melt and pour base
  • Your 2nd Step :– Stir in the Ground Cinnamon, and be careful when mixing it in – do it slowly to prevent bubbles. If you’ve decided on adding the oatmeal or ground coffee – the time is now.
Stir Ground Cinnamon
  • Your 3rd Step :– After the ground cinnamon has incorporated into the recipe, gently stir in the Cinnamon Essential Oil, or any other oil you’ve decided on.
Essential Oil
  • Your 4th Step :– Pour the soap into your mold (it can be a butter tray or a milk carton, basically anything you’d like), and if you see any bubbles on the surface – spray it with rubbing alcohol and they’ll disappear. I, myself actually like the bubbles, so I just let them be.
  • Your 5th Step :– Let the soap cure for at least 24 hours.

Tiny hint – This soap works differently on different people. I love it for acne – you don’t have to use an exfoliating brush or any of those harsh tonics, but it had a bad effect on a friend of mine. 

I gave it to her as a present, but because she has a sensitive skin, it got really red after she used the soap. So try it on a small piece of your body first, trust me.

Happy Soapy to You....

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