Personal Interview with Amanda Gail, from Lovin Soap Studio 

Today we are talking to Amanda Gail, co-founder of Her story is unusual and inspiring. Amanda is passionate about soap making and passionate about helping women, and has found a unique and wonderful way to combine these pursuits. 

The lovinsoap website provides information on soap making, especially geared to beginners. She also has ebooks and e-courses, and helps women worldwide by helping them get started with their own businesses. 

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She runs projects in places such as Port-au-Prince, helping women displaced by the earthquake, as well as Haiti, Uganda, China, and India. 

She has kindly agreed to give us an interview, so we can learn more about her and her soap making experiences. 

Amanda! Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share your expertise with us. My first question is: 

Sir Soapy : How did you get started? Was soap making a hobby that developed into a business naturally, or did you set out to start as a business from the start?

Amanda Gail : For me soap making started out as a hobby. I was a craft junky! I started with melt and pour from the hobby supply store but soon learned about making soap from scratch.

Once I made cold process soap I never picked up another hobby. I fell in love with soap making. I love that you get to pick what oils you formulate with and what to add for fragrance and color. 

Sir Soapy : What is your favorite aspect of your business?

Amanda Gail : The freedom that being my own boss gives me. I love being able to set my own schedule and arrange my days and weeks as I desire. I travel a TON so love the freedom that owning my own business gives me. 

I also love owning a creative business. I get to experiment, write and put together tutorials. I never get bored.

Lastly, I love the community that I’ve built up around my business. I have a very active blog, email list and Facebook Group where I get to interact and communicate with my tribe. 

Sir Soapy : Do you remember the first batch of soap you made?

Amanda Gail : I do! It was a 100% olive oil soap with too much water. It took forever to trace and ended up separating in the mold. I didn’t add scent or color.

I stirred with a whisk because I was too scared to use a stick blender. Looking back, it wasn’t the best beginner recipe but I learned some valuable lessons. 

Sir Soapy : What inspired you to create soap when you started? Has your inspiration changed over time?

Amanda Gail : I find inspiration from nature, marbled paper and even just smelling difference scents. I’d say it hasn’t changed much but I do love finding new sources of inspiration.

When you become a soap maker, you see soap everywhere and find inspiration everywhere! You might try a new drink from your local coffee shop and think… that would make a great soap theme! 

Sir Soapy : Can you tell us a bit more about your ebooks and e-course? Are they specifically made for beginner soap makers?

Amanda Gail : We have wide range of eBooks and eCourses that are perfect for beginners but also for more advanced soapers. We have eBooks about pricing products, wholesaling and marketing for those ready to build their business. There is truly something for everybody. 

Sir Soapy : Do you have any tips for beginners?

Amanda Gail : My best tip for a beginner is to start small and basic. Try a 2 pound soap recipe and go from there. I hear of new soapers who want to make 10 pounds for their first batch and I cringe! That is a lot of material to waste if something goes wrong.

Read everything you can about making soap and watch YouTube Videos. There are some great tutorials and resources for our industry out there. 

Sir Soapy : What are your hobbies other than soap making?

Amanda Gail : I would say travel. My husband and I love to travel, camp, hike and road trip. But really… soap making is my world! It is always on my mind. 

Sir Soapy : Do you have favorite ingredients you like to use - a particular scent or oil? 

Amanda Gail : I do! I include avocado oil in most of my recipes. I love that it is high in vitamin e and other nutrients. My favorite essential oil is lemongrass. It is such a fresh and revitalizing scent. You can’t feel grumpy when breathing in lemongrass essential oil. 

Sir Soapy : What are your future plans for your business ventures? How about for you personally?

Amanda Gail : My plan is to simply continue to grow my business while building my community of soap makers. We are continuously getting feedback about what eBooks, eCourses and resources are needed so we always have projects to tackle. 

Sir Soapy : If a reader would like to get involved with your organization, how do you recommend getting started? Contacting you via your website?

Amanda Gail : You can contact me through my website or join our Facebook Group Saponification Nation

Thank you again Amanda, for your time and wonderful insight. I continue to be impressed with the work you are doing to help empower so many women across the globe. 

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