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Soap twist

Recently I came across a wonderful site Soap Twist. I am very impress with their products  and use many of them. One more thing which I like about soap twist is that they promoting women entrepreneurship.

Hi, Anurag! Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share your expertise with us. My first question is:

Sir Soapy : How did you get started? Was soap making a hobby that developed into a business naturally, or did you set out to start as a business from the start?

Soap Twist : Our family has been into laundry soap making business for the last 122 years and we wanted to offer a product in the market using which people could make customized soaps at home and enhance their bathing experience.

The melt and pour soap existed in the market long before we started but this product was not available in small quantities in the retail market hence we saw an opportunity and decided to capture it and came up with our brand name Soapy Twist.

We wanted to offer people all the necessary material required to make soap and other cosmetic products under one roof and hence this venture began. This is a family run business and was started by Mrs Prachi Bhatnagar & Mrs Mriga Jain in the year 2013.

Sir Soapy : What is your favorite aspect of your business?

Soap Twist : Consumer feedback and interaction with consumers.

Sir Soapy : Can you tell us a bit more about your soap products? Are they specifically made for beginner soap makers?

Soap Twist : We offer a wide variety of soap bases which are made using the highest quality ingredients for various types of soap makers ranging from beginners to advanced as well as commercial manufacturers.

We offer products that cater to the need of all kinds of soap makers. Our soap bases are 100% vegetarian and are made using plant derived materials and no synthetic ingredients are added. We offer soap bases which are free from SLS & SLES with similar performance in comparison with regular bases.

We offer soap bases which are in compliance with Bureau of Indian Standards rules and guidelines as well as International Standards.

Sir Soapy : Do you have any tips for beginners? 

Soap Twist : Soap making is an art which gets perfect only with practice so be patient and explore the world of soap making. Any new venture is challenging in the beginning its a person’s patience and hard work which will make him excel.

Beginners or any soap maker can contact us with their queries or problems and we try our best to resolve them. Beginners or any soap maker should look at the quality of the material and the benefits it is offering rather than the price.

“Quality gets you long term & loyal customers” - This has been our founding principle for our family business and has kept us in the heart of our customers for more than a century.

Sir Soapy : What are your hobbies other than soap making? 

Soap Twist : Our company does philanthropic work with various NGOs and Trusts.

Sir Soapy : Do you have favorite ingredients you like to use - a particular scent or oil?

Soap Twist : Our favorite ingredient would be Goat Milk that we use in our soap base. Its sourced directly from the farmers and is free from any adulteration.

Sir Soapy : What are your future plans for your business ventures? How about for you personally? 

Soap Twist : We plan to upgrade the list of excipients and additives continuously. We are working continuously to offer our customers the latest and innovative products keeping in mind the trend for natural products that’s being going on. We also plan to open a chain of retail store soon in the five major cities of India.

Sir Soapy : If a reader would like to get involved with your organization, how do you recommend getting started? Contacting you via your website? 

Soap Twist : Any person can get involved with our organization whether its a home maker or a wholesaler. All they need to do is visit our website and see the products that we are offering and then they can place the order on the website itself and make the payment just like any e-commerce website. Their order will be shipped to them within 48 hrs. We offer standard shipping as well as Fast Shipping. 

They can also contact us via mail or phone for any queries or orders.

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