Magic 3- Way Lavender Soap Recipe  

Three is a magic number. Three little pigs, three musketeers, and all stories have a beginning, the middle and the ending. So, today we’ll be making three different lavender soaps.


Why lavender you ask?

We’ll, I don’t know about you, but this winter has me craving for summer, and nothing gives me that summer vibe better than lavender! I mean, Game of Thrones was right, ‘winter is here’, but damn, did it have to be this cold?

So anyways, don’t be alarmed, these three recipes will be so fairly simple even Sam Tarly could do it. If you don’t know who that is, I seriously recommend binge watching Game of Thrones.

Fine, watched all six seasons? Then you’re ready for some soap making!

Come into the kitchen with me!

OK! Here's What You'll Need For This Lavender Soap Recipe

  • Melt-and-pour Goat Milk soap base – Now, you can use any of the melt-and-pour bases, but I highly recommend this one because it has that creaminess, and fluffiness that works great with lavender! 

Tiny Hint – Shea butter melt-and-pour base is almost as good and fluffy as goat’s milk base, so if you want a simple substitute just use that!

  • Dried Lavender – If you dislike lavender you can use any other dried herb, I personally recommend rosemary.

Tiny Hint – If you mix a bit of rosemary with lavender it smells amazing!

Dried herb
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender scent reduces anxiety and emotional stress. I don’t know about you guys, but in the winter months some people (me included) get what’s called "seasonal depression".

When the weather and temperature stress you out and worsen your skin –lavender is a great help because it’s so calming. 

Tiny Hint From Me – You’re also feeling a bit stressed if you’re not getting enough vitamin D, which is common in the winter months because there’s so little sun, so you can also use a few drops of Coriander Essential Oil because it has very high levels of vitamin D!

  • Food coloring – I recommend purple, but I only have red, so unfortunately that will have to do.
  • Honey Powder – Honey is great for that dry skin you have in the winter months, it also reduces stress, and it’s basically a great healer
  • A mold to pour our mixture in – You can use anything – from muffin trays to milk cartons, I just use an empty butter tray.
A mold to pour our mixture

Lavender Soap Recipe Number one - Spring Magic

  • Your 1st Step :– Turn on some relaxing music, or something that reminds you of the summer. For me those are Gypsy Kings, so if you don’t know what to play or are feeling the ‘gypsy’ summer vibe, hit it!
  • Your 2nd Step :– Take your melt-and-pour soap base and place it into a bowl. If you want it to heat up faster – try grating it, instead of cutting it in little pieces. Place the bowl in a microwave and keep heating it up every 30 seconds, until it melts halfway. 

Instead of a microwave you can use the stove. Just place the bowl with the soap into a pot with water, and gently heat it up while stirring.

melt-and-pour base in bowl
  • Your 3rd Step :– Okay, got that? Great! Now, sprinkle in the dried lavender. If you bought it in a store, I’m sure it has some of those lavender flowers in, which is why I call it ‘spring magic’. 

See, to me the soap looks like the first flower peeking from beneath the snow. And that’s what we want, right? Let’s scare away the winter with this spring magic soap!

dried lavender
  • Your 4th Step :– Mix in the dried lavender, and then pour the mixture into your mold.
  • Your 5th Step :– Let it cure for a few days, at least 24 hours.

And that’s it! Can you believe it? Yes, that is exactly why even Sam could do it! It’s not only magical in scaring away the winter and stress, but also in how fast and efficient the recipe is!

Lavender Soap Recipe Number Two – Lavender Fields

  • Your 1st Step :– Step number one – music.
  • Your 2nd Step :– Step number two – melt the melt-and-pour goat’s milk base. Yes, indeed these two steps are primal, and the same in every recipe.
melt the goat’s milk base
  • Your 3rd Step :– Now, take the Lavender essential oil and pour 15 drops into the mixture. (Remember – I use enough melt-and-pour goat’s milk base for one bar of soap! If you need more bars of soap, just alter the recipe!) 

And don’t forget, if you have vitamin D deficiency, just pour in 5 drops of Coriander Essential Oil. No, you won’t smell like barbecue, you’ll smell exceptionally citrusy fresh!

add essential oil
  • Your 4th Step :– Gently stir the mixture.
  • Your 5th Step :– Pour in your food coloring. Now, you can use any color you want, I used red. Because I named this soap ‘lavender fields’ it would be appropriate to use purple, but I’m out. I poured in 10 drops, but of course you can pour in less or more if you prefer different shades.
  • Your 6th Step :– Stir the mixture.
  • Your 7th Step :– Now take the mixture and pour it in your mold.
  • Your 8th Step :– Let it cure for at least 48 hours, although I recommend a week.

Lavender Soap Recipe Number Three – Sunshine

I’m sure by now you’re familiar with the first steps and how they go – simply melt the goat’s milk melt-and-pour, and stir it until it has no lumps.

  • Your 1st Step :– Again, we will take lavender essential oil, and pour 15 drops into the mixture and stir.
  • Your 2nd Step :– Place in two table spoons of Honey Powder, and mix.

Tiny hint – This soap reminds me of seaside and summer, so I like to put in a bit of Himalayan salt – its pink salt. It gives you that rough feeling on your skin, scrapes of all the dead skin, and it helps prevent eczema.

Adding salt and honey
  • Your 3rd Step :– By choice you can put in your dried lavender, but I like this soap a bit more honey-like and clear, so I didn’t use any in this bar.
  • Your 4th Step :– Pour the mixture into the mold and let it cure for at least 48 hours before use!
Lavender soap

And that’s about it ladies and gentlemen! I hope you like the tiny hints I left you, and also I hope you enjoy the soaps!

Happy Soapy to You.....

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