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Melt and pour soap recipes are a popular choice for soap makers because they don't require the handling of lye. Sir Soapy enjoys creating new soap recipes using the melt and pour methods and has been working on some new out of this world soaps.

Give Orion, Drops of Juiter, and Galaxy a try or check out his other soapy dozen

How to Make Galaxy Soap in Three Ways

Did you know that some scientists believe that our galaxy smells like raspberries and tastes like rum? Oh yeah, if we could smell in space – that would definitely be the scent to go with!

I’ve been looking at the stars a lot lately, especially Orion’s belt. What a lovely story this constellation holds. 

Galaxy  Soap

Apparently the Greek goddess Artemis asked her father, Zeus – to give her the gift of never marrying. However – he never promised her she wouldn’t fall in love. And Artemis, like all of us goddesses, eventually fell in love with a hunter and mortal named Orion. 

But, like all stories, this one has a villain, too. Apollo, Artemis’s twin brother, got jealous of all the time she’d been spending with Orion, and he knew Artemis’s greatest strength and greatest flaw – competitiveness. 

He transferred Orion to the edge of the ocean, and dared Artemis to take her bow, and shoot that black dot in the sea, if she can, of course. 

Artemis, a woman that never had and never would stand down, drew her bowstring and shot the tiny dot right in the center. 

After she realized whom she killed, that the dot was in fact none other than Orion himself, she – in all her grief and love – transferred Orion onto the night sky, marked him with stars, to be forevermore her one and only companion.

Inspired by the stars, I decided that today we’d make some galaxy soap! But, let’s make it a bit challenging. The first part of the soap making will be for beginners, the second for intermediate, and the last one for advanced.

So, wipe your tears from that lovely story, and come with me to the kitchen. Let’s make some soap!

Soap for Beginners – Orion’s Soap

This will be as white, and as shiny as the stars in Orion’s belt!

Don’t forget your safety goggles, gloves, and a mask!

OK ! Checkout What You Need in This Orion Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Since this part of the recipe is for beginners, we’re going to make just some basic, white soap, so follow all the steps, and relax.

  • 5 ounces of white melt-and-pour base soap. This base is easy to work with, and it’s most common soap base in the world – you can get it anywhere – in online shops, or in craft stores in your city!
  • 1 TSP of Beeswax – it helps to calm and soothe, and it makes your skin as soft as the galaxy mists in space!
  • 1 TBSP OF Coconut oil – it penetrates the skin better, and it helps to moisturize it!
  • Molds - I will use square shaped molds – milk carton and butter tray, but since you’re a beginner you can use whatever mold you have at hand!

And that’s all you need beginners!

Now You Can Start Making Orion’s Soap

  • Your 1st Step :– Stare into the distance, imagining your own Orion, and put on some soft music, preferably Train – Drops of Jupiter.
  • Your 2nd Step :– Place the melt-and-pour soap (cut it into small cubes if you have a large piece) in a glass, heat-proof bowl.
  • Your 3rd Step :– Put the bowl into the microwave and heat it up in 30 second intervals– heat the mixture until it is completely liquid. If you don’t have a microwave, just use your stove. 

Take one large pot and put some water in, then place it over medium heat. In this pot you will place a smaller bowl – preferably glass one, place in the cut up soap, and stir until it melts.

  • Your 4th Step :– Now, place in the beeswax, and stir it in gently. 

A Little Hint – since we’re using very little fats, this melt-and-pour soap will start harden pretty quickly, so don’t leave it unattended.

  • Your 5th Step :– Place in the coconut oil, and stir some more.
  • Your 6th Step :– Voila, your soap is ready! If you’re doing the beginners part of this melt and pour soap recipe, all you need to do now is – pour the mixture in your mold, and wait for it to harden! Give it at least three days.

Melt and Pour Soap Recipe for Intermediate – Drops of Jupiter

I like to call this one drops of Jupiter, since I use so many fragrances, that I need to use only drops!

Okay, intermediate daredevils – remember – you don’t pour your mixture into the mold just yet, oh have some work to do!

You Need These Supplies for This Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Supplies for this recipe
  • 1 TSP Shea Butter – It is anti-inflammatory, full of natural vitamins and fatty acids, which is why it is nourishing for the skin (you can use castor oil instead)
  • Bay Rum Fragrance Oil (you can use Vanilla Absolument instead, or any other fragrance with sugary note)
  • Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil – If you’re more of a beginner/intermediate person, then I suggest you only use the ingredients I wrote down above. But if you’re more intermediate/expert, then do go on!
  • 1 tsp of Strawberry Essential Oil
  • 2 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
  • 1 drop of Blackberry Essential Oil

Start Making your Drops of Jupiter Soap

  • Your 1st Step :– Do all of the stuff mentioned in beginners part of recipe (except the molds thing)
Soap base
  • Your 2nd Step :– Slowly mix in the shea butter.
mix in the shea butter
  • Your 3rd Step :– Now comes the tricky part – since you’re not a beginner, you’ll have to know how much fragrance and essential oil drops you need to put into the mixture. 

Not all brands of rum smell the same, nor are they the same ‘strength’ – you’re not a beginner soap maker, you’re intermediate, you need to do it by your own sense of smell.

I put in 5 drops of my rum fragrance, but if you find it too strong – put in only 3, if you don’t find it strong enough – put in 8 drops.

  • Your 4th Step :– Since you’re not a beginner, you’ll know exactly how much drops of that delicious raspberry fragrance to place in, and you’ll make sure that the scents won’t clash. Too much of one fragrance – it will overpower the other!

 I placed in 3 drops of Raspberry Fragrance (do note, that you can substitute this fragrance with any other ‘berry’ based fragrance), I do wonder with what number you went!

  • Your 5th Step :– Place in the strawberry essential oil. The steps below are purely optional – remember, you’re not a beginner anymore, you know which scents clash, which don’t. 

This particular mixture of fragrances and essential oils works for me, but does it work for you too? Use your nose!

  • Your 6th Step :–  Put in Juniper Berry Oil.
Put in Juniper Berry Oil
  • Your 7th Step :– And the last but not least – a drop of Blackberry Essential Oil!
  • Your 8th Step :– Mix everything together, place in a mold, and leave to dry for at least seven days!

Melt and Pour Soap Recipe for Advance – Galaxy Soap

This last step is for the advanced. Remember, put some more music on, and don’t mold your soap just yet!

In this part of the recipe, we’re going to be doing some color playing! However, since I only seem to have green food color at my disposal, I’ll only be using one.

Here's A Quick List of Supplies

  • A bunch of colors, if you have them, but it’s okay if you’re broke like me – and only have one.
  • Green Food Color
  • Black Food Color
  • White Food Color
  • Blue Food Color
  • Some Glitter – It can be glittery make up – my hack is – I use a bit of my golden eye shadow!
make up Glitter
  • A big toothpick
big toothpick
  • 4 empty containers (like 4 bowls that are the same, 4 tea cups…)
  • A mold

It's True: You Really Can And Here's How...

  • Your 1st Step :– Take the soap mixture and place it evenly into each container.
  • Your 2nd Step :– Take your green color – put it into first container. Take black – second container, blue – third,  and finally white – into the last container. Mix well.
color container
  • Your 3rd Step :– Now, you’ll take the black mixture and pour it slowly into the green mixture. Then, you’ll take the blue one, and pour it into the black & green mixture. And finally you’ll take the white one and pour it into the black & green & blue mixture.
  • Your 4th Step :– Take the container, and pour the colorful mixture into your mold.
  • Your 5th Step :– Sparkle with glitter.
  • Your 6th Step :– Take your large toothpick and make some wavy moves, or poke some lines into the mixture, make any pattern you like.
  • Your 7th Step :– Since I only have green color – I placed the green color into the soap mixture, mixed it, poured it into the mold, and sprinkle it with some glitter.

And that’s the advance Melt and Pour Soap Recipe, my friend. As you learn to make advanced soap recipes, you’ll start to know what patterns to make in the soap, you’ll need no substitute for any of the ingredients because you have them all, and you’ll need no pictures, because you’re an old fashion recipe girl! 

Now, leave your soap to harden for the next 2 – 3 weeks, put your feet up, drink some more wine, and listen to Drops of Jupiter!

If you have any tips, question or soaps you'd like to see a recipe for, please share your thoughts and ideas in comments box. Thanks!

Happy Soppy to You.....

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