Shea Butter in Soap Making

Hello there, we’re going to be talking about the dangers and issues with shea butter.

No, this is most certainly not a hate letter to it, I for one – love it!

However, I’ve recently heard some things about it that might not answer to some people.

What Is Shea Butter?

bottle of butter

Okay, so, you can get it basically anywhere. In your local drugstore, or any ordinary store. The thing is – It has become really popular in the last few years, and now they put it into lotions, creams, shower gels, lipstick… It has become fairly common.

It comes from the seeds of Karite tree, which are crushed by huge rocks and then roasted to make the butter.

I get it from a friend that lives in Burkina Faso in Africa. The butter itself has almost the same consistency (It’s a bit grainy) and has the scent and color as regular butter. 

I like using it at night because I get fairly dry skin in the winter time, so I just rub it on my face and ....let it sink in. 

Once, it also helped me with an allergy I had; - I used this totally fake, chemical induced face cream and I got these red rashes all over my face, neck and neckline – but then I rubbed some shea butter over it, and it went away in two hours.


It is rich in vitamins A, E and F, it offers a small UV protection, and has a lot of fatty acids for collagen production – basically it keeps the wrinkles away.

It moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, it’s great for pregnancy stretch marks, homemade lip balms, and of course for soap recipes


In the previous paragraph I’ve told you a bunch of things that make it great – and which made me fell in love with it.

But, I feel like it’s my responsibility to warn you about a few effects that affect a very small percentage of people.

  • One issue with this butter I’ve heard about are allergies. While it cured mine, it can actually cause an allergy, as well.
  • I know it is made from ‘nuts’, but doctors guarantee that people with nut allergies can’t be affected by it. Why? Apparently the thing that causes a nut allergy is a protein in the nut, and it has so very little of that protein that an allergic reaction is quite impossible.
  • However, the nut allergy is not the problem here. It’s the latex allergy you should be worried about. 
  • The latex allergy is a sneaky thing – at first you may not even notice it – you just have a runny nose, or you sneeze once or twice, but then it gets worse – you apply shea butter again and you get a rash, and then you apply some more and your breathing gets harder. 
  • This is because it contains traces of latex. Therefore, if you have a latex allergy you should use cocoa butter instead of it in all of your recipes.
  • There have been some reported cases on the internet about bad skin reactions to it, mainly because it is now in almost every product, and since a lot of people came into contact with it – it’s no wonder that some got a bad reaction.

Happy Soapy to You......

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